‘The Orator’, NZ film by writer-director Tusi Tamasese

The Orator

The Orator

Gafa Arts Collective present ‘The Orator’

26 October 2013, at 1.00 pm

Richmix Cinema and Arts Centre,
35-47 Bethnal Green Road,
Shoreditch/Bethnal Green

Tickets: £9.50 conc. £7.00

About the film

The first ever Samoan feature film Saili (Fa’afiaula Sagote) is a taro farmer who lives with his wife Vaaiga (Tausili Pushparaj) and her daughter Litia in an isolated village in Samoa. Saili’s family is looked upon by the villagers as outcasts, where he is taunted for his small stature and his wife is troubled by her past. Saili finds that he must gain the courage to speak up to regain his father’s chiefly status, and to protect his land and family.

‘The Orator’ is part of the Origins Festival.

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