Te Haerenga: A Journey of Identity

Matariki Performance by Baggage Theatre Co-Op of ‘Te Haerenga: A Journey of Identity’


Te Haerenga, a journey of identity, combines the ancient art of storytelling with the drama of theatre to interweave three individual stories into one shared journey of New Zealand identity.

Set against the backdrop of New Zealand and world history and incorporating such diverse topics as the revival of the Maori language, the black civil rights movements in   America,   the   woman’s   movement   and   the   changing   role   of   New   Zealand   males,   Te   Haerenga will amuse, provoke, inspire and delight.

Baggage Co-op is a Wellington, New Zealand based arts co-operative which is committed to creating and promoting performance pieces and art works that incorporate a variety of mediums, cultures and languages and that encourage people to risk new experiences.