Tatarakihi – the Children of Parihaka


PARIHAKA, New Zealand has been the centre of land confiscation and alienation that began in Taranaki in 1863 following the New Zealand Land Wars. Parihaka and its surrounding areas became the centre where hundreds of peaceful Taranaki Maori were arrested and held without trial in the South Island continuing over a period of more than 30 years. The struggle of those descendants left behind who retain a cultural and spiritual link with the past is an inspiration to the modern world.

About the film

Tatarakihi – The children of Parihaka is a documentary film that raises awareness of long standing inequalities and issues of social injustice while bringing together a sense of restoration to both Maori and Pakeha in New Zealand. The importance of Parihaka on the international stage of passive resistance was echoed through the descendants of Ghandi and Martin Luther King who have visited Parihaka to acknowledge the prophets, Te Whiti and Tohu, as the foremost world leaders of peace and the pioneers of passive resistance movements.

Journeys of “Remembering” like that of the children are taken periodically with the aim of healing the past and being able to move into the future. With your support, this film will not only re-tell a very important part of New Zealand history, but will contribute to bringing about restoration and healing the past hurts of a nation.

Tatarkihi – The Children Of Parihaka tells the journey undertaken by children who are the survivors of Parihaka. The children retrace the steps of their Parihaka ancestors who in the late 1800s were forcibly removed from their peaceful village in Taranaki and incarcerated for indefinite periods without trial over a thirty-year period in South Island prisons. The children’s bus journey through New Zealand weaves a delicate tapestry of narration, poetry, song and archival image to tell a haunting story that spans five generations.


Event details

Thursday, 10 October 2010.

First screening:

7 pm – doors open,
7.30 pm – prompt start of introduction, screening and questions by Kuia Maata

Second screening:

8 pm – arrive
8.15 – introduction
9-10 pm – screening followed by questions


The Actors’ Temple
13-14 Warren Street,

Nearest tube: Warren street, Central London


Free – donations welcome to help fund the costs of bringing this film to the UK and then onto festivals in France and Bali.


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