Role Descriptions

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Role Descriptions

Executive Committee

Honorary Chair

The Chair sets the date of each (usually quarterly) committee meeting and chairs them as well as the AGM. He or she is also tasked with maintaining an overview of the organisation, promoting its general good health, and ensuring that it acts within the terms of its constitution.  In addition the Chair leads and represents the NZSN when necessary, especially in the business of building relationships with New Zealand organisations based in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and with other relevant individuals and groups.

Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary creates and distributes committee meeting agendas, minutes each meeting, manages the Committee’s folders and correspondence as well as organises and sends out the notice for the AGM.

Honorary Treasurer

The Treasurer records and accounts for income: mostly a result of our events programme and of membership income transmitted to our bank account by the Membership Manager. He or she also cares for and disburses money from the NZSN, and provides quarterly reports to the Executive Committee and an annual report to the Members at large.

Elected Members with special functions

Membership Manager

The Membership Manager attends to our membership list and the collection of subscriptions. The Committee is anxious that he or she should suggest ways we might improve our recruitment of members and supporters, the quality and frequency of our communication with them, and our methods of collecting subscriptions.

Communications & Social Media Officer

The Communications & Social Media Officer manages communications to our members and supporters through our monthly newsletter by collating information on events and presentations from the committee. This is also shared across our social media platforms. The Communications & Social Media Officer works closely with the Events Officer in drafting and scheduling communications about our upcoming events. He or she will also work closely with the web administrator for the maintenance and regular update of our website.