Do you fancy a year of study in New Zealand or do you have children or relatives who may want to do the same?

The University of Canterbury is canvassing for overseas students who want to study in New Zealand for one or two semesters. This may include Gap Year students (though you must have had a year of study at a university), students wishing to spend a semester or two abroad during their UK degree, or those who have completed a degree and wish to combine travel and further study.

The University offers guaranteed accommodation on campus in modern, self-catered flats for all Study Abroad students who apply by the deadlines. These are:

For first semester Feb-June 2016: by 1 November, and for accommodation by 1 December

For second semester July-Nov 2016 by 1 April, and for accommodation by 1 May.

Help with financial support: a number of scholarships are available for Study Abroad students, up to NZ$5,000 but the majority allocated are $1,250 or $2,500

Students who have studied at Canterbury after the 2010 earthquake say the experience has transformed their lives. The university is now attracting students with a more community-focussed drive who wish to apply their skills in the recovering region.  The University encourages Study Abroad students to go beyond the classroom, with unique experience-based courses which give them a chance to add invaluable work experience to their CV, in the ‘dynamic environment of a rapidly changing and innovative city’. Popular options are CHCH 101, a community engagement and service learning course and ARTS 295, an academic internship course offering work experience with a New Zealand business or community organization. Science courses also offer a range of field study opportunities at an extensive network of field stations throughout the South Island.

Study Abroad Students can choose from hundreds of courses and put together a study package that best suits their area of academic interest and their home university degree requirements, with chances to take courses in their major subject but to also explore unique subjects they may not come across elsewhere such as Antarctic Studies or Maori Studies and courses in NZ history, art, politics and biodiversity.

The University of Canterbury is in a spectacular central South Island location campus located 20 minutes from the beach and 90 minutes from five skifields. There is easy access to the Southern Alps, the rain forests and glaciers of the West Coast, the beaches and inlets of Nelson and Marlborough and the beautiful landscapes of Fiordland.

Contact for UC Study Abroad is Anna Foster


Website for UC Study Abroad is:

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