8 June 2013: Taonga Puoro: Singing Treasures Workshop

Horomona Horo
11am – 2pm
MAL B20  Lecture Theatre
Birkbeck, University of London
New Zealand Studies Network presents a workshop event with
composer, practitioner and cross genre collaborator, Horomona Horo.

Mentored by tohunga of taonga puoro, the late Dr Hirini Melbourne and Dr  Richard Nunns, in 2001, Horo won the inaugural Dynasty Heritage Concerto Competition and in the intervening years has become the international Maori face of Taonga Puoro. In 2010 he was hailed in Mana (NZ publication) as “the master of his generation”, a fact recently attested to by noted NZ composer, Dame Gillian Whitehead.

For Horomona with the practises of taonga puoro, instruments are part of the holistic culture of all life, birth, death and nature, to which he was born.  Each instrument has a specific use within rites of passage, storytelling and daily life of the Maori peoples.  This daily life breathing of the instruments is the distinguishing mark of his work.

The following elements will be discussed in the workshop:

  • History pre and post colonisation uses of Taonga Puoro
  • Show and tell of each instrument in collection
  • More elaborate playing of each of the instruments in both traditional and modern contexts
  • Conversation on compositional experiences with Western and modern compositions with Taonga Puoro Maori
  • Interactive audience participation

To attend the following fees will apply and proceeds will be given to the artist:

NZSN members £7.50

Non-members £10.00

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