29 Jul 2011: Seminar Denis Lenihan talks on Paddy Costello

Denis Lenihan on 'Chasing Paddy Costello'

Friday 29th July, in the new building Malet St, Room G15 (entrance from Torrington Square)Paddy Costello was a brilliant diplomat and linguist. The first diplomat to report on Auschwitz, he also informed the west about the Soviet Atom bomb but was not believed. He was the subject of a book 'The Sixth Man' and in 2007 featured in Graeme Hunt’s 'Spies and Revolutionaries'The article from the New Statesman below by Francis Beckett is a short review of the book by James Mc Neish 'The Sixth Man' (2007)​m/politics/2007/10/paddy-c​ostello-zealand