Mō Mātou Rā (About Us)

Our vision is:

To provide an international stage for New Zealand performances, personalities and presentations and for discussion of topics related to the development, challenges and culture of contemporary Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Studies Network UK and Ireland (NZSN) was established in 2011 to promote interest in New Zealand. It was founded on the belief that studies of New Zealand show a fascinating interaction among its British, Irish and Māori founding traditions, and that it has much to offer by way of example to others in its exemplary (but imperfect) open, egalitarian, politics, and its adaptations to world trends (especially European, Pacific and North American) in artistic, academic and professional practice.

Since its inception, the NZSN has hosted frequent talks, presentations and performances by academics, public figures, professionals, literary figures, artists, musicians and film-makers. These events typically feature prominent New Zealanders or prominent non-New Zealanders with expertise and experience in a field related to New Zealand.

Committee – Description

We are governed by our constitution and appoint an executive committee comprised of a Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Deputy Chair. We also comprise of up to five elected members and up to three co-opted members. The management and control of the NZSN is vested in the executive committee. Each member is voted in at the Annual General Meeting.